Our Staff

We understand that selecting the right staff and equipping them with the right skills they need to provide high quality care and support is vital.

That’s why we ensure all staff receive a comprehensive induction when starting their employment with us and why we invest heavily in their continuous professional learning and development.

As part of the recruitment process, people who use our services are offered the opportunity to be involved, not only for people employed in their services, but in senior posts too.

Our Hospitaller Leadership Team

Bridget Doogan

Chief Executive

Pat Cowley

Head of Service Transformation

Lesley Robinson

Head of Pastoral Care

Kay Taylor

Head of Corporate Services

Deborah Minns

Head of Finance

Hospitaller Leadership Team

The Hospitaller Leadership Team is responsible and accountable to the trustees for:

  • sustaining and developing a values-led culture
  • sustaining and developing the charity’s assets
  • sustaining and improving existing services
  • developing new services
  • influencing futures